The main outputs of AQUA-M II were the following:

  • Provision of 3 on-line (2 in Greece & 1 in the Republic of North Macedonia) analysers of chemical parameters: TOC, NO3, DO, pH, Turbidity that monitor the above quality parameters 24h/7d
  • 1 Liquid Chromatography High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry that can trace organic chemical contamination (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, organic pollutants) in very low concentrations
  • 1 Elemental analyser for solid and liquid samples for determination of C, H, N, S, O elements
  • 1 UV-Vis spectrophotometer for the use in the determination of algal cells
  • 1 Screening system with sieves for the screening of sediments and determination of size and shape of the water suspended particles
  • IT equipment in Greece and in the Republic of North Macedonia for the support of the Early Warning System platform the display monitoring data concerning Water Quality

Regulation of the riverbed Suva Reka (in the IPA country) for the protection of water resources for sustainable management and control of flood phenomena