The project is expected to have a number of results that will positively affect the environment of the Axios-Vardar River and subsequently the environment of an important geographical part of the Cross-Border Area.

In the long – term, the project will:

  • strengthen the cooperation and networking on local and cross-border level between stakeholders in the Cross – Border area for the protection of the environment and aquatic resources,
  • facilitate the exchange of know-how and practical experience for the protection of Axios-Vardar River
  • set an example for future similar environmental Projects and cooperation
  • improve the infrastructures and enhance capacity of local stakeholders for the effective and continuous monitoring and management of water resources and crisis management
  • raise awareness, provide effective information and enhance participation of citizens in environmental actions.
  • protect the biodiversity of the ecosystem as it will improve water quality which will lead to better habitat for all aquatic species
  • train 100 staff members and citizens of the partners

Added value is also significant, taking into consideration that AQUA-M II is a long term effect project which will improve quality of life through the systemic improvement of the water resources in the cross border area