The project’s main objective was the effective and continuous monitoring of the water quality  management   of Axios – Vardar River through the application of joint monitoring and management systems and the strengthening of cooperation among responsible stakeholders and authorities.


Specifically, the project succeed to:


  • Improve the river’s water quality.
  • Establish a permanent  network for the 24/7 monitoring of specific water quality parameters
  • Establish an operational cooperation network for the prevention, protection and immediate action in case of emergency and potential threats among local authorities of the CB area and scientific experts.
  • Improve cooperation among public and private stakeholders as well as the society and the local population of the CB area for the protection of the river.


Furthermore, the specific project had also some important sub-objectives such as:


  • To increase the awareness of all stakeholders towards the environmental pressures on the River
  • To support the implementation of the official commitment of both countries to implement environmental actions for the common Cross-Border area benefit.
  • To equip both sides with the necessary equipment in order to operate and maintain the network in the future.
  • To elaborate on actions that enhance the operational monitoring of pollution in Axios-Vardar river.