Sustainable Management

of cross-border water resources


Sustainable Ecosystems

Protection of water resources of the 

Axios-Vardar river.

AQUA-M II  in a nutshell:

AIM: Sustainable management of cross-border water resources

BUDGET: 1.448.329,82 €

DURATION: April 2, 2018 – November 1, 2021

PROGRAMME: Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece – Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020”


Riverbed interventions for Flood Protection


of Scientific Equipment for Water Pollution Monitoring


Water pollution monitoring

Capacity Building

Training for operational water pollution management

about the project

Project Background

The AQUA-M II Project idea was formulated by the common understanding of all Partners, of the environmental problems that Axios – Vardar River is facing.  
Axios/Vardar River represents one of the main aquatic resources of the cross-border area of Greece and the  Republic of North Macedonia. 
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